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Jeg tok kontakt med Vibeke i en periode hvor det var veldig hektisk på jobben og jeg følte meg helt utslitt. I løpet av tre coachingtimer fikk jeg løftet blikket, avdekket en uhensiktsmessig tankestruktur, jeg fikk tatt tilbake kontrollen over min egen tid, og jeg begynte å sette tydeligere grenser og ta smartere valg. Overskuddet, kreativiteten og initiativet kom tilbake.
Det er utrolig at jeg kunne oppnå så stor forandring på så kort tid og ved hjelp av så enkle virkemidler! En viktig lærdom jeg har gjort meg er: Søk hjelp – av og til er løsningen enklere enn du aner!

Dato : 11.11.10
Klient : Grete S. Risvold

Vibeke early helped me recognise that I had my “inner demons”. The first coaching sessions were in fact probably more meetings between Vibeke and these demons, than between Vibeke and the real me. But from the very start the coaching showed results and I was able to speak more freely. The coaching helped me sort my values, structure them, set a goal and make use of the results from the sessions straight away as we progressed.
To be a bit more specific, the coaching has helped me:
Define my values and thus define myself as a person more clearly.
Getting a grip on mild phobias in my everyday life which made me tired and tense.
Giving me better self-confidence helping me tackle my different roles both in life and at work in a much better and more relaxed way.
Giving me tools to meet new and unknown situations with integrity, which I earlier had problems doing.

I can whole-heartedly recommend Vibeke as coach to anyone.

Date : 20.02.09
Client : Frode Hanssen Øverås

During the past two years I have managed and finished a difficult project, and changed to a new line management position. Both the project and the new job have implied personal challenges for me and the coaching has helped me handle them. Generally I have been better in:

- Awareness of “Gremlins” that prevents me from performing my best
- Seeing situations from a distance rather than from the middle and by this achieving coolness that can make analysis possible
- Insight into my selves and how I react in various situations

I have also been coached in solving practical challenges related to my job.

Date : 06.07.04
Client : Anders Hæreid

One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had is to be coached. Coaching is very effective, challenging, interesting and fun. The coaching lessons I have had have primarily dealt with work-related concerns, but everything I have learned can easily and with advantage be used in my private life as well. I have learnt:

- To be more conscious of what my values and priorities are. This has made it easier for me to do choices and take decisions.
- To be more conscious of how others perceive me and that the role I take upon myself is how others perceive me.
- To communicate more efficiently, e.g. to have eye contact and to be brief and precise
- To solve conflicts
- That one should endeavour to balance all the elements in the “Wheel of Life” as much as possible
- To see possibilities and not limitations. Literally everything is possible!!!!

Vibeke has been a marvellous coach for me. She is skilful, motivating, inspiring, cheerful and she is very interested in the results for the client. What I have learnt from her, is something I will bring with me the rest of my life and she will always be one of the most important persons I have ever met.

Date : 02.07.04
Client : Ann Margret Rosenlund

The coaching has been useful to me in several ways. I have had the opportunity to discuss concrete job matters, for example preparing a steering group meeting, preparing a difficult job conversation and planning the focus in the project ahead. The benefit of coaching in these matters has been both the amount of time used (I have reached solutions much faster with coaching than in other cases), and the outcome and quality of the solution. The benefit has also been that I have become more aware of the different options in concrete cases, and I have had the opportunity to train on exploring the different options and the belonging consequences, and make choices based on these analysis.

Coaching has also been very useful for me on another level, I have had the opportunity to be more aware of what is important to me, and the coaching has through concrete discussions and cases helped me to get to know myself better. I feel that the combination of the concrete job matters and the discussions on a more personal level together has brought me a good step further, and forms a basis for me onwards.

Date : 18.05.04
Client : Helene Due Grøndahl

The sessions have been of major importance to me.
I have used Vibeke both in planned sessions and ad hoc sessions to solve specific problems.
Through these sessions I have gained better awareness of my priorities in life and learned to understand myself better.
For me it has been useful to stop and listen to my own needs on busy weekdays and to be aware of what expectations I put on myself and what is really given to me by others.
It’s easy to just go with the flow and let the environment lead your way. However we always have some choices we can make in every situation. Tthe sessions have learned me to be aware of that and to use it.

Date : 30.04.04
Client : Anita Alstergren

During the fall of 2002, I was in the process of finding out what I wanted in life; there were so many things that caught my interest. In this situation, Vibeke was very helpful in sorting out what I didn’t like and taking a closer look at what I did like. This was a very difficult period of my life, and I am very thankful for being coached.

During spring, 2004, Vibeke’s coaching was such a gift. I was overloaded with schoolwork, while still wanting to take care of my interests. I was coached on respecting my values in such situations, and I felt that I got to breathe through all this pressure.

In particular, I was taken all the way down the tube through the feeling of being buried with work. Eventually, it gave me a feeling of peace.

This was also a period of discovery for my own part. I unveiled the nature of issues that had been limiting my life in so many ways for so many years. After this discovery, coaching was focused on this matter. Vibeke was bold, trusted her intuition and stood firmly by my side as she went though the emotional journey with me. I managed through this and dared to face whatever appeared, no doubt thanks to the trust and the feeling of safety that I felt.

Date : 28.04.04
Client : EE